Brit tourist ship sinks off Greek island with rescue mission for 17 passengers

Brit tourist ship sinks off Greek island with rescue mission for 17 passengers

The coastguard said several vessels and a navy helicopter assisted the rescue mission after a British tourist ship sunk off the Greek island of Milos

A major rescue operation has pulled 17 passengers from the sea after a British tourist ship sunk off a Greek island.

The boat overturned in the sea northwest of Milos on Thursday morning.

An alarm was sounded to the port authorities on with reports that there was a boat going under off the coast.

The coastguard said three naval vessels, two ships, a private vessel, a navy helicopter and an air force helicopter are said to be operating at the site.

According to ERT, all the passengers are now safe.

Those on board were all Greek nationals and included three children – with the report adding they have all been recovered safely.

The Ministry of Shipping said a danger signal was sent from the 30-metre yacht.

Mayor of Milos, Manolis Mikelis, said this morning: “We have information for 17 people, we are in the process of collecting people from the sea.

“At the moment there is wind in the area and it is making a lot of waves, we were told about a yacht.

“With every reservation, the boat has been overturned.”

News24/7 reports the boat was carrying a British flag – and that the incident has left passengers in the water.

The incident happened 16 nautical miles northwest of Milos, according to the Coast Guard, between Antimilos and Falconera, amid winds of 4-5 Beaufort in the area.

The circumstances of the accident are not yet known.

Milos is a popular tourist destination for British tourists during the summer.

The island is well-known for the statues of Greek god Asclepius, Apollo, Poseidon and Aphrodit.